We are distributor of Sintex and have experience with wide variety of customers who are very satisfied by the product. Sintex has uniform quality,there are no chances of termites or rust as its wholly made of quality plastic and there are colors which can suite every requirement for rooms,bathrooms and terrace doors. sintex  factory made doors,india's first  and  the best ready to install factory made doors have gained immense popularity and acceptance.They are the preferred choice of doors for bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms,toilets and other internal doors are available in different combinations of sizes that can service practically all internal openings in homes, offices,factories,hotels, clubs,hospitals etc .SINTEX's products are MDF Doors, Design Doors, Partitions, Kitchen Cabinets, Cub Boards, Lofts, Wall Panelling, False Ceiling, Security Cabins, Office  Cabins, Windows is available us.